The further adventures of a yarn obsessed soon to be nurse.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to My World

Welcome to my world. I am a knitting and dyeing obsessed soon to be nurse. I am currently back in my birth city Houston, TX.

This blog will chronicle my further adventures in knitting, dyeing and other things. I just got my beta membership at and I am in the process of adding my stash and projects to my page. My Ravelry name is knitrn. Links are on the sidebar if you want to come play with Ravelry as well.

As I get them edited, I have some patterns to post as well.

My current knitting
  • Alexander Romper from Berroco #245. I am making it out of Shine Worsted, and it is just the most adorable thing, but I still have 10 million ends to sew in on it.
  • A Missoni knock off scarf for my sister.
  • Rainbow Socks - These go everywhere with me. They are my third try at finding a pattern to work with the Lorna's Laces Rainbow Yarn.
Here are pictures in order (all projects are also in ravelry):

Just Finished
  • Jaywalker Socks - This pattern is addictive. The only problem with the socks, is taking them off. They act like a chinese finger trap and get smaller in diameter as you tug at the ends, making it tough to get them over the heel. However, if you scrunch the sock up as you pull it over the heel they come off easier.
  • Saartje's Booties - these are adorable - I finished them in 2 days and I just got the buttons sewn on and the ends worked in.


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