The further adventures of a yarn obsessed soon to be nurse.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I Can't Stop Loving You

I have been in love with German sock yarn since the first time I saw
the amazing patterning and bright colors of Regia. I fell even deeper
in love when Opal was introduced to the US. Since then I have asked
my friends and family to bring me back sock yarn when they travel to
Germany. Every time I get a "yarn souvenir" I was amazed at all the
colors that are not available here.

Here's a pair of jaywalker socks and Saartje's booties out of some
Regia my sister brought me back.

Last year my sister brought me a new brand of sock yarn that was
equally amazing, and I wondered why couldn't you get the same yarns here? (she also brought me back the yarn to make this jumper by Anne Hanson of Knitspot)

This summer my sister and I have finally worked out a way to import all the wonderful European yarns that are hard or impossible to find to the US. We decided to start a sock club to introduce all the wonderful yarns. I am so excited about all the amazing yarns we are bringing in for this club. I am designing some neat patterns for the club as well. Sign ups are limited, go to the Griffin Yarns link to sign up.

In other news I finished the Alexander jumper and it was well received by the mom, as were the bunny and juggling balls I gave to big brother and sister. (sorry no pictures of the juggling balls right now- they pattern is from the Summer 2003 issue of Knitter's Magazine).

When I gave big brother and big sister their presents they immediately opened them and started to play with them. A sure sign of success. Then Nana got out a discovery zone pop up basketball goal, and the bunny was dropped by big sister to go play with the balls. This entertained them for a good half hour, until big brother started to drag the goal through the house leading to it all being put away by Nana.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

500 Miles

As my dad would say I have been remiss in posting. But I have a good excuse. I have been getting my yarn stash entered in to Ravelry so I can access it while I am in school. After photographing and entering my yarn on my stash page at Ravelry, I added up the yardage of all the yarn entered to date (at least 3/4 of my yarn) I have 28.4 miles of yarn in my stash. I was reading a thread on a Ravelry forum where people compared their stash this way. I was surprised I have a moderate stash, some stashes were under 10 miles and some were over 50.

I am also about to head back to Houston for my last semester of nursing school. I had a few projects that I needed to complete. I finished my tablecloth for my mom and it is gorgeous. I also finished the bunny rabbit doll, and I just have to sew the snaps on the romper for baby G. (he was born on 8/6 (3 1/2 weeks early). I'm off now to finish packing. I leave tomorrow! eek!

Oh Yeah! I was at my LYS Bluebonnet Yarn Shoppe yesterday and they had the new Kaffe Fasset Regia Sock Yarn. I got enough for 2 pairs. Take a look.