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Friday, August 24, 2007

I Can't Stop Loving You

I have been in love with German sock yarn since the first time I saw
the amazing patterning and bright colors of Regia. I fell even deeper
in love when Opal was introduced to the US. Since then I have asked
my friends and family to bring me back sock yarn when they travel to
Germany. Every time I get a "yarn souvenir" I was amazed at all the
colors that are not available here.

Here's a pair of jaywalker socks and Saartje's booties out of some
Regia my sister brought me back.

Last year my sister brought me a new brand of sock yarn that was
equally amazing, and I wondered why couldn't you get the same yarns here? (she also brought me back the yarn to make this jumper by Anne Hanson of Knitspot)

This summer my sister and I have finally worked out a way to import all the wonderful European yarns that are hard or impossible to find to the US. We decided to start a sock club to introduce all the wonderful yarns. I am so excited about all the amazing yarns we are bringing in for this club. I am designing some neat patterns for the club as well. Sign ups are limited, go to the Griffin Yarns link to sign up.

In other news I finished the Alexander jumper and it was well received by the mom, as were the bunny and juggling balls I gave to big brother and sister. (sorry no pictures of the juggling balls right now- they pattern is from the Summer 2003 issue of Knitter's Magazine).

When I gave big brother and big sister their presents they immediately opened them and started to play with them. A sure sign of success. Then Nana got out a discovery zone pop up basketball goal, and the bunny was dropped by big sister to go play with the balls. This entertained them for a good half hour, until big brother started to drag the goal through the house leading to it all being put away by Nana.

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